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material type Name and brand material form
NCS HC 11008Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11009Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11007Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11008Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11009Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11010Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11003Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 11003aCast Iron100g
NCS HC 11003bCast Iron100g
NCS HC 11004Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 11005Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 11006Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 30001Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 30002Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 30003Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39001Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39002Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39003Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39004Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39005Cast Iron100g
NCS DC 11010Iron ore70g
NCS DC 11012Iron ore70g
NCS DC 11013Iron ore70g
NCS DC 13034Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 15005Import Iron100g
NCS DC 15004Zhao-Cheng Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 28026Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 28025Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 28027Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 28028Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 14049Iron Ore65g
NCS DC 14011aIron Ore100g
NCS DC 14013aIron Ore100g
NCS DC 14012aIron Ore100g
NCS DC 11015Iron ore70g
NCS DC 11016Iron ore70g
NCS DC 13019cIron Concentrate100g
NCS DC 14043Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 14006aMagnetite Concentrate100g
NCS DC 14033 Hematite100g
NCS DC 28006Limonite100g
NCS DC 28029Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 11001 Magnetite100g
NCS DC 15006Magnetite100g
NCS DC 14207Iron ore100g
NCS DC 14208Iron ore100g
NCS DC 18019Sintering ore100g
NCS DC 18020Sintering ore100g
NCS DC 35004Zinc Concentrate80g
NCS DC 11018Iron ore70g
NCS DC 14003dSintered Iron Ore100g
NCS DC 15007Sintered Ore100g
NCS DC 18018Sintering ore100g
NCS DC 35003Lead Concentrate100g
NCS DC 28020Pellet 100g
NCS DC 28021Pellet100g
NCS DC 11017Iron ore70g
NCS DC 35001Tin Concentrate100g
NCS DC 35002Tin Concentrate100g
NCS DC 35014Tin Concentrate100g
NCS DC 16004Manganese ore60g
NCS DC 47004Manganese Ore100g
NCS DC 47005Manganese Ore100g
NCS DC 47006Manganese Ore100g
NCS DC 47007Manganese Ore100g
NCS DC 47008Manganese Ore100g
NCS DC 47009Manganese Ore100g
NCS DC 25008Manganese ores50g
NCS DC 35008Tin Ore60g
NCS DC 35009Tin Ore60g
NCS DC 35011Sn Ore70g
NCS DC 35012Sn Ore70g
NCS DC 93006Gold Ore1000g
NCS DC 93007Gold Ore750g
NCS DC 93008Gold Ore500g
NCS DC 93009Gold Ore500g
NCS DC 16005Iron ore100g
NCS DC 14019aDolomite70g
NCS DC 14017aLimestone50g
NCS DC 16006Limestone25g
NCS DC 28009Limestone50g
NCS HC 37032Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37039Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37040Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37044Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37045Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37046Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37047Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37048Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37049Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37033Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37034Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37035Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 19018V Ti Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11015Rare Earth Magnesium Cast Iron80g
NCS HS 15746Pure IronФ35×30
NCS HS 15747Pure IronФ35×30
NCS HS 15748Pure IronФ35×30
NCS AH 11353Cast ironФ30×25
NCS HS 11711a-1--7Cast ironФ38×20
NCS HS 20704-1Pig ironФ30×23
NCS HS 20704-2Pig ironФ30×23
NCS HS 20704-3Pig ironФ30×23
NCS HS 20704-4Pig ironФ30×23
NCS HS 20704-5Pig ironФ30×23
NCS HS 20704-6Pig ironФ30×23
NCS HC 15011Pig Iron100g
NCS HS 11706-3Silicon SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 11706-5Silicon SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 39701-1Carbon Steel Ф33×35
NCS HS 39701-2Carbon Steel Ф33×35
NCS HS 39701-3Carbon Steel Ф33×35
NCS HS 39701-4Carbon Steel Ф33×35
NCS HS 39701-5Carbon Steel Ф33×35
NCS HS 39701-6Carbon Steel Ф33×35
NCS HS 11714-2Low alloy steelФ38×30
NCS HS 11714-3Low alloy steelФ38×30
NCS HS 29701-1Low alloy steelФ35×50
NCS HS 29701-2Low alloy steelФ35×50
NCS HS 29701-3Low alloy steelФ35×50
NCS HS 29701-4Low alloy steelФ35×50
NCS HS 29701-5Low alloy steelФ35×50
NCS HS 29701-6Low alloy steelФ35×50
NCS HC 18201a Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HS 23707A-1GSiMnMoVФ35×35
NCS HS 23707A-2GSiMnMoVФ35×35
NCS HS 23707A-3GSiMnMoVФ35×35
NCS HS 23707A-4GSiMnMoVФ35×35
NCS HS 23707A-5GSiMnMoVФ35×35
NCS HS 13704-1-512CrMoWVBФ35×25
NCS AH 28317Q235Ф40×35
NCS AH 28318CrMoФ40×35
NCS AH 2831916MnФ40×35
NCS AH 2832038CrMoAlФ40×35
NCS AH 2832138CrMoAlФ40×35
NCS AH 2832260Si2WФ40×35
NCS AH 2832360Si2WФ40×35
NCS HS 23718-1Middle-Low AlloyФ35×30
NCS HS 23718-2Middle-Low AlloyФ35×30
NCS HS 23718-3Middle-Low AlloyФ35×30
NCS HS 23718-4Middle-Low AlloyФ35×30
NCS HS 23718-5Middle-Low AlloyФ35×30
NCS HS 23718-5Middle-Low AlloyФ35×30
NCS HS 11720-1--6High Manganese AlloyФ30×24
NCS HS 21702-1Ni Mo Cu SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 21702-2Ni Mo Cu SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 21702-3Ni Mo Cu SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 21702-5Ni Mo Cu SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 21702-6Ni Mo Cu SteelФ38×30
NCS HS 23703-1—5Cr13Ф33×33
NCS AH 283244Cr10NiCuTiФ40×35
NCS AH 283251Cr13Ф40×35
NCS AH 283262Cr13Ф40×35
NCS AH 28327Cr18Ф40×35
NCS AH 28328Cr21Ni5TiФ40×35
NCS AH 28329Cr23Ni18Ф40×35
NCS AH 28302--28309Stainless steel & heat resisting alloyФ40×35
NCS AH 11346Cast ironФ28×20
NCS AH 11349Cast ironФ28×20
NCS AH 11350Cast ironФ28×20
NCS AH 21306Middle Low AlloyФ40×45
NCS AH 21307Middle Low AlloyФ40×45
NCS AH 20315Carbon SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 20316Carbon SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 20311SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 20312SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 20314SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 20313SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 11352Cast ironФ30×25
NCS AH 11345Cast ironФ28×20
NCS HS 11759aCarbon Steel Ф37×45
NCS AH 11337A3Ф37×35
NCS AH 11324Carbon SteelФ37×40
NCS AH 1133625#Ф37×35
NCS AH 11320aCarbon SteelФ37×35
NCS AH 11321Carbon SteelФ37×45
NCS AH 11321aCarbon SteelФ37×45
NCS AH 11309Carbon SteelФ38×45
NCS AH 11322cCarbon SteelФ37×45
NCS HS 11763Carbon Steel Ф37×45
NCS AH 1133550#Ф38×40
NCS AH 11338Q275Ф38×40
NCS AH 11361Carbon Structure SteelФ38×40
NCS AH 11327Low Alloy SteelФ37×40
NCS AH 11339GCr15SiMnФ38×40
NCS HS 11774bGCr15Ф36×50
NCS AH 11326Low Alloy SteelФ37×45
NCS AH 11326aLow Alloy SteelФ38×40
NCS HS 11766BLow alloy steelФ37×45
NCS AH 113425CrMnMoФ38×40
NCS HS 1175160Si2Mn Ф38×45
NCS AH 113439SiCrФ38×40
NCS AH 11359Alloy Structure SteelФ37×40
NCS AH 11358Alloy Structure SteelФ36×40
NCS AH 11340a15CrMoФ35×35
NCS AH 11341a42CrMoФ38×40
NCS AH 11363Alloy tool steelФ35×35
NCS AH 11360Stainless SteelФ36×30
NCS AH 11328aLow Alloy SteelФ37×40
NCS HS 11769aLow alloy steelФ37×40
NCS AH 11331aLow Alloy SteelФ37×40
NCS AH 11328Low Alloy SteelФ37×40
NCS HS 11769Low alloy steelФ37×40
NCS AH 11330Low Alloy SteelФ37×40
NCS HS 11772Low alloy steelФ37×40
NCS AH 11331Low Alloy SteelФ37×40
NCS HS 15749Low Carbon Silicon steelФ35×32
NCS AH 20317SL9N590Ф40×45
NCS AH 2031820Mn23AlVФ40×45
NCS AH 93323line pipe steelФ35×50
NCS AH 41304Stainless steelФ38×38
NCS AH 41305Stainless steelФ38×38
NCS AH 41306Stainless steelФ38×38
NCS AH 41302Stainless steelФ38×38
NCS AH 2130338CrMoAlФ40×40
NCS AH 21313High Speed tool SteelФ40×40
NCS AH 21311High Speed tool SteelФ40×40
NCS AH 18301Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18303Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18304Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18305Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18306Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18307Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18308Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18309Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18310Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 18311Carbon SteelФ37×30
NCS AH 31301Stainless steelФ38×35
NCS AH 31302Stainless steelФ38×35
NCS HS 207411Cr13MoФ35×40
NCS HS 207421Cr17Ф35×40
NCS HS 207430Cr11TiФ35×40
NCS HS 20744(08F)Ф35×40
NCS HS 2074510PCuREФ35×40
NCS HS 2074709MnNbФ35×40
NCS HS 13753Low alloy steelФ38×38
NCS HS 13755Low alloy steelФ38×38
NCS HS 13756Low alloy steelФ38×38
NCS HS 13758Low alloy steelФ38×38
NCS HS 13759Low alloy steelФ38×38
NCS HC 11001High Pure Iron100g
NCS HC 15004Pure Iron100g
NCS HC 15004aPure Iron100g
NCS HC 15006Pure Iron100g
NCS HC 15006aPure Iron100g
NCS HC 15007Pure Iron100g
NCS HC 15007aPure Iron100g
NCS HS 15704a-1--5Pure IronФ37×55
NCS HC 15014Pig Iron(DT4)100g
NCS HC 15017Pig iron100g
NCS HC 15016Pig iron100g
NCS HC 37041Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37042Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37043Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37010Cast Iron80g
NCS HC 37011Cast Iron80g
NCS HC 37012Cast Iron80g
NCS HC 39011Boron Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39012Boron Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39013Boron Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 16022Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16023Pig Iron150g
NCS HC 16024Pig Iron150g
NCS HC 16025Pig Iron150g
NCS HC 16026Pig Iron150g
NCS HC 39008Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39009Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 39010Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37028Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37029Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37030Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16027Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16028Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 19010V Ti RE Spherulitic Iron100g
NCS HC 16001b Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16002bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16003bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16004bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16006Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16006bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16008Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16008bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16009Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 16009bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16010bPig Iron100g
NCS HC 19002V Ti Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 19004V Ti Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 37018Manganese Spherulitic Iron80g
NCS HC 37019Manganese Spherulitic Iron80g
NCS HC 37020Manganese Spherulitic Iron80g
NCS HC 37021Manganese Spherulitic Iron80g
NCS HC 93002Alloy cast iron100g
NCS HC 93003Alloy cast iron100g
NCS HC 93004Alloy cast iron100g
NCS HC 93005Alloy cast iron100g
NCS HC 93006Alloy cast iron100g
NCS HC 93007Alloy cast iron100g
NCS HC 19016V Ti Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 19017V Ti Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 19007Nodular Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 19008Nodular Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 28054Alloy Cast Iron100g
NCS FC 28024coke50g
NCS FC 28025coke50g
NCS HC 37036Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37037Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37038Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 37013Wrought Iron80g
NCS FC 28026coke50g
NCS HC 28055Pig Iron
NCS HC 28056Pig Iron
NCS HC 11313Cr12100g
NCS HC 21305Cr12100g
NCS HC 113183Cr13100g
NCS HC 28303Stainless steel100g
NCS HC 29323Cr3SiAl150g
NCS HC 113141Cr18Ni9Ti100g
NCS HC 11312Cr18Ni14Mo3Ti100g
NCS HC 11301Cr18Mn10Ni5Mo3100g
NCS HC 11301aCr18Mn10Ni5Mo3100g
NCS HC 11307Cr13Ni5Mn9100g
NCS HC 11307aCr13Ni5Mn9100g
NCS HC 11311Cr20Ni11Mn6100g
NCS HC 11518Cr14Ni14W2MoTi100g
NCS HC 11303Cr20Al5Co2100g
NCS HC 11304Cr24AlSi100g
NCS HC 11308Cr13Al4100g
NCS HC 11309Cr17Al4Si100g
NCS HC 11310Cr25Al5100g
NCS HC 11321Cr7Al7100g
NCS HC 11321aCr7Al7100g
NCS HC 15311alloy steel100g
NCS HC 15312alloy steel100g
NCS HC 15313alloy steel100g
NCS HC 15314alloy steel100g
NCS HC 15315alloy steel100g
NCS HC 28023High Phosphorus Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 28025High Phosphorus Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 28030Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 28031Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 28032Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 28034Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 28029Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 11012High Chromium Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 11013High Chromium Cast Iron100g
NCS HC 13004 High Chromium Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 13006High Chromium Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 37015High Chromium Cast Iron80g
NCS HC 37016High Chromium Cast Iron80g
NCS HC 37050Pig Iron100g
NCS HC 11101Carbon Steel,10#150g
NCS HC 11115Carbon Steel,15#150g
NCS HC 11112Carbon Steel,20#150g
NCS HC 11103Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 11111Easy Cutting Steel150g
NCS HC 11110Carbon Steel,25#150g
NCS HC 11110cCarbon Steel,25#150g
NCS HC 11120Carbon Steel,35#150g
NCS HC 11114aCarbon Steel,45#150g
NCS HC 13007Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 11118Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 11114bCarbon Steel,45#150g
NCS HC 13008Alloy Cast Iron150g
NCS HC 41134Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 41135Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 20108Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 21101Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 21102Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 21103Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 11126Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 11130Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 11132Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 11133Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 11134Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 13110Carbon Steel,15#100g
NCS HC 19102Carbon Structure Steel100g
NCS HC 19204Axle Steel100g
NCS HC 15105Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 15104Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 13118Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 14102Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 14104Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 14105Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 14106Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 14107Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 28112Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 14401T8150g
NCS HC 28114Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 28119Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 16102Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 16103Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 31109Carbon Steel 100g
NCS NS 28007C S in Steel100g
NCS HC 37101Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 37105Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 37109Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 28125Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 28127Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 11412T7150g
NCS HC 11412aT7150g
NCS HC 11412bT7150g
NCS HC 11413T8150g
NCS HC 11413aT8150g
NCS HC 11415T11150g
NCS HC 11416T12150g
NCS HC 11414T10150g
NCS HC 13102Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 28401T10100g
NCS HC 13401T8A150g
NCS HC 13402T13A150g
NCS HC 56101S,P Easy Cutting Steel150g
NCS HC 56102S,P Easy Cutting Steel150g
NCS HC 13108Carbon Steel,40#100g
NCS HC 13109Carbon Steel,25#100g
NCS HC 13112Carbon Steel,50#100g
NCS HC 13101Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 13113Carbon Steel,20#100g
NCS HC 13114Carbon Steel,45#100g
NCS HC 13121Carbon Steel100g
NCS HC 1111615Mn150g
NCS HC 2811515Mn100g
NCS HC 28128Ship Construction Steel100g
NCS HC 28101Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 22101Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 1110260Mn150g
NCS HC 11102a60Mn150g
NCS HC 11102b60Mn150g
NCS HC 1111965Mn150g
NCS NS 28027C S in Steel100g
NCS HC 13214Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 13215Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 13216Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 28104Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 28106Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 28107Carbon Steel 100g
NCS HC 2122265Mn100g
NCS HC 2020120Cr100g
NCS HC 2020240Cr100g
NCS HC 1421040Cr100g
NCS HC 17201Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 1112220MnSi150g
NCS HC 14211Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 14212Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 1620125SiMnMoV150g
NCS HC 14219Calcium Steel100g
NCS HC 14220Calcium Steel100g
NCS HC 1620235SiMn2MoV150g
NCS HC 1121230CrMoWV150g
NCS HC 1112125MnSi150g
NCS HC 1122760Si2V150g
NCS HC 1123360Si2Mn150g
NCS HC 1620530MnMoTiB150g
NCS HC 1122240SiMn2150g
NCS HC 1620830Mn2MoV150g
NCS HC 11222a40SiMn2150g
NCS HC 1121335CrMnSiNi2MO150g
NCS HC 1123008MnPRE150g
NCS HC 1122815MnVN150g
NCS HC 2121535MoVAlTiRE100g
NCS HC 172265CrMnMo150g
NCS HC 11406a6SiMnW150g
NCS HC 3020260Si2Ni2150g
NCS HC 3020460Si2MnW150g
NCS HC 114066SiMnW150g
NCS HC 112119V150g
NCS HC 114109Mn2V150g
NCS HC 2420270Si2CrA100g
NCS HC 15216ML15MnVB100g
NCS HC 17203Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 17213Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 17214Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 17215Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 17216Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 17217Low Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 11235Medium Low Alloy Steel150g
NCS HC 11236Low alloy150g
NCS HC 1620640MnWB150g
NCS HC 1722545CrNi150g
NCS HC 114045CrNiMo150g
NCS HC 112103CrAl150g
NCS HC 1920509V100g
NCS HC 1122445B150g
NCS HC 11409SiMnV150g
NCS HC 28302Stainless steel100g
NCS HC 11403Cr12W150g
NCS HC 11403aCr12W150g
NCS HC 11317Cr18Ni11Nb100g
NCS HC 113194Cr9Si2100g
NCS HC 11519Heat Resising Steel100g
NCS HC 24312Cr14Mo4VRE100g
NCS HC 37303Stainless steel100g
NCS HC 373040Cr18Ni9100g
NCS HC 373050Cr18Ni10Ti100g
NCS HC 373061Cr18Ni9Ti100g
NCS HC 373071Cr13100g
NCS HC 373082Cr13100g
NCS HC 28305Stainless steel100g
NCS HC 28306Stainless steel100g
NCS HC 28307Stainless steel100g
NCS HC 28308Heat resisting alloy100g
NCS HC 28309Heat resisting alloy100g
NCS HC 28311Heat resisting alloy100g
NCS HC 28312Heat resisting alloy100g
NCS HC 28310Heat resisting alloy100g
NCS HC 114073W4Cr2V150g
NCS HC 11401aW18Cr4V150g
NCS HC 11402W6Mo5Cr4V2150g
NCS HC 114115CrW2Si150g
NCS HC 11405W2150g
NCS HC 17401W18Cr4V100g
NCS HC 17411High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 24403High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 24404High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 24405High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 24407High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 24408High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 28304Die Steel100g
NCS HC 17405High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 17406High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 17407High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 17408High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 17409High Speed Steel100g
NCS HC 11316High Manganese Steel100g
NCS HC 11214GCr15150g
NCS HC 28207Bearing Steel100g
NCS HC 1122940Si2V150g
NCS HC 113024Cr3Si4100g
NCS HC 21201bBearing Steel100g
NCS HC 21201GCr15100g
NCS HC 21204GCr15100g
NCS HC 21205GCr15100g
NCS HC 21202GCe15SiMn100g
NCS HC 11234GCr15Si Mn100g
NCS HC 1123114MnVTiRE150g
NCS HC 1620715SiMn3Mo150g
NCS HC 1122518CrMnTi150g
NCS HC 1722418CrMnTi150g
NCS HC 11232a20CrMo100g
NCS HC 1821320CrMo100g
NCS HC 1821220CrMnTi100g
NCS HC 22202Alloy structure steel150g
NCS HC 20210Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15221Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15222Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15223Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15224Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 1320190Mn2100g
NCS HC 1320209SiMnCr3100g
NCS HC 15227Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15228Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15229Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 132037Cr2100g
NCS HC 15230Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15231Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15232Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15233Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15234Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15235Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 15236Silicon Steel100g
NCS HC 1320409MnCr100g
NCS HC 15218Low carbon silicon steel100g
NCS HC 15219Low carbon silicon steel100g
NCS HC 1320509SiMn2CrCuAl100g
NCS HC 13206CrCu100g
NCS HC 22203Alloy structure steel150g
NCS HC 1320730MI2MoVTiAlB100g
NCS HC 132089Si2MoVTiAlB100g
NCS HC 1320909SiMoTiAlB100g
NCS HC 132108SiMnMoVTiAlB100g
NCS HC 1321209SiMoVTiAlB100g
NCS HC 14208Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 14204Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 14202Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 14203Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 14205Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 14209Low Alloy steel100g
NCS HC 22103Carbon Steel150g
NCS HC 22201Alloy structure steel150g
NCS HC 11502GH43100g
NCS HC 11531GH153100g
NCS HC 11508GH131100g
NCS HC 11509GH135100g
NCS HC 11510GH35-1100g
NCS HC 11511GH35-2100g
NCS HC 11513GH39100g
NCS HC 11514GH128100g
NCS HC 11515K3100g
NCS HC 11516K13100g
NCS HC 115174J29100g
NCS HC 205034J29100g
NCS HC 28216Carbon steel100g
NCS HC 28217Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 28218Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 28219Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 28220Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 28221Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 28222Alloy Steel100g
NCS HC 11530Nickel Base Super alloy100g
NCS HC 11520Superalloy Trace Elements100g
NCS HC 11521Superalloy Trace Elements100g
NCS HC 11522Superalloy Trace Elements100g
NCS HC 11523Superalloy Trace Elements100g
NCS HC 11524Superalloy Trace Elements100g
NCS HC 11525Trace elements in superalloy100g
NCS HC 11526Trace elements in superalloy100g
NCS HC 11527Trace elements in superalloy100g
NCS HC 11528Trace elements in superalloy100g
NCS HC 11529Trace elements in superalloy100g
NCS AH 11354a--56aCast ironФ31X24
NCS HS 11712a-1--7Nitrongen Cast IronФ30×28
NCS HS 11709a-1--7Stainless steelФ38×30
NCS AH 11341b42CrMoФ38×40
NCS AH 41305aStainless steelФ38×38
NCS AH 11388High Manganese SteelФ30×25
NCS AH 11389High Manganese SteelФ30×25
NCS AH 11385High Chromium Cast IronФ30×24
NCS AH 11386High Chromium Cast IronФ30×24
NCS AH 11387High Chromium Cast IronФ30×24
NCS AH 11326cLow Alloy SteelФ37×45
NCS AH 11351aPure ironФ38×40
NCS AH 11379Carbon structure steel 30MnФ38×40
NCS AH 11380Low alloy steelФ38×40
NCS AH 11391Carbon steelФ36×40
NCS HS 92743Cast IronD30′25 mm
NCS AH 11333dStainless SteelФ38×35
NCS HS 11741aMn13Ф35×35
NCS HS 11774cGCr15Ф36×50
NCS AH 11316bCarbon SteelФ36X40mm
NCS AH 11390Tube line steelФ36×40
NCS AH 20315aCarbon SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 20316aCarbon SteelФ35×40
NCS AH 11340b15CrMoФ38×40
NCS AH 11319bCarbon SteelФ37×45
NCS AH 11341c42CrMoФ38×40
NCS AH 11340c15CrMoФ38×40
NCS HC 41316Stainless Steel100g
NCS H C41317Stainless Steel100g
NCS HC 41318Stainless Steel100g
NCS HC 1122320MnTiB150g
NCS AH 41301Stainless steelФ38×38
NCS AH 41305bStainless steelФ38×38
NCS HC 17201aLow Alloy Steel100g
NCS AH 41302aStainless steelФ38×38
NCS DC 11024Sintered Ore70g
NCS HC 114089V150g
NCS DC 28070Sintered Iron ore with high Cr and Ni50g
NCS DC 28071Sintered Iron ore with high Cr and Ni50g
NCS HS 92742Cast IronD30′25 mm
NCS HC 16008cPig Iron100g
NCS HC 16009cPig Iron100g